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Sites for Songs
Sites About Growing Plants
Sites About Birds
Sites About Bugs
Sites About Amphibians
Recommended Water Web Sites

Sites for Songs

Singing Science Records
science songs that you can actually play
lots of other topics too
Earth Songs
Links for Environmental Songs and Music
Science Songwriters' Association (SSA)
student song writing contest and link to Science Songwriters' Association... all sorts of science songs
Lyrical Learning
science songs for sale
Songs That Teach
literacy, math...
Dr. Chordate Sings!
about multiple intelligences
4 2 Explore
not songs but fantastic references & sites for accurate information
Enchanted Learning
pictures and activities for young children... including fact sheets about different animals
Songs for Teaching
lots of teaching songs & tips in all subjects
songs and poems
Songs, poems, lesson plans, other resources
Songs For Learning
children's music and related educational products
music that teaches standards and enhances learning
on line tuner for ukes
easy way to tune your uke
uke lessons
lots of lessons for playing the uke and an on-line tuner
easy songs for uke
lots of songs with many simple ones to start out
Uke information
Lots of information and actual songs
Uke tips for the beginner
great info on how to get started
lots of songs for uke
many, many songs to chose from
Native American Flute info
great playing tips and even construction plans and history of the native American flute
great beginner flute
very nice sounding Am flute which is one of the easiest to start playing with, very reasonable price
best sounding plastic native american style flute
one of the best sounding safe plastic flutes (Am)
lots of songs for native american flute
great flute circle site with lots of songs in tab and good playing tips
songs for native american flute and guitar
great site that provides guitar chords to accompany flute on specific songs
Native American Flute information
flute anatomy and lots of songs
Paint Creek Folkfore Society
This is a great group! We meet the first Saturday of each month in Rochester Hills... there is a lap dulcimer group, native american flute group, a ukulele group, mandolin group and always people to jam with...
Native style plastic flutes
plastic flutes in Am,F#,Gm that look like wood and sound very good for $24 ... reasonably priced frame drums too
Lansing Area Uke Group
meets once a month, has files and files of songs, hosts the Mighty Uke Fest in May, right by Elderly Instruments where you can go try out lots of ukes


Sites About Growing Plants

The Great Plant Escape
Botany game to help students learn about plants
junior master gardener program
Training Manual And Online Resource Center
Michigan Apple Committee
all about Michigan apples
Activities and Crafts About Plants
Kids Gardening
great inexpensive growing ideas
Growing Edge
hydroponics (soilless gardening)
Gardening for Kids Theme Page
many useful site links
ASU Center for the Study of Early Events in Photosynthesis
Virtual Cell
Virtual Cell is a collection of still images, texts and movies covering the structure and functioning of a typical plant cell.
The Carnivorous Plant FAQ
learn about the ecology, cultivation, conservation, and taxonomy of carnivorous plants.
Plants and Animals, Partners in Pollination
lessons are adapted from Smithsonian in Your Classroom
Interior Plantscaping with Large Houseplants
interior landscaping
National Gardening Association
lots of information about gardening
How To Make Butterfly Gardens
How To Make Butterfly Gardens By Stephanie Bailey, Extension Specialist
Encyclopedia of Plants and Gardening
encyclopedia of botany...common & scientific terms
USDA Plants Database
USDA database of vascular plants
Native American Ethnobotany
A searchable database of foods, drugs, dyes and fibers of Native American peoples, derived from plants.
Plant Nutrition
information on plant nutrition
An Introduction To Ethnobotany
Flowers Express
directory for flower shops, gardening, and floral information
three sisters garden
native american planting of beans,squash,and corn
another 3 sisters garden resource
how to grow
pizza garden
how to grow a great garden for kids
pizza garden too
a tasty garden to grow
poisonous plants
great site with pictures and descriptions of poisonous plants
National data collection as to when specific plants go through various stages...monitoring global warming... even very young children can participate
Schoolyard Habitat from National Wildlife Federation
fantastic pdf files that cover every aspect from planning to implementation to maintaining a schoolyard habitat
investigations to use in schoolyards
lessons are specified for grades K-12... not just plants... all sorts of topics
virtual walk in the woods
explanation of what one might see when hiking in the woods
tree basics
parts of a tree and how they work, state tree information, lots of resources
What tree is that?
on line identification help
Secret Life of trees
describes the parts and how they work
Flowers and much more
Thanks to Abby for this great find: lots of info on growing and caring for flowers and herbs, huge section on gardening with kids


Sites About Birds

Birdzilla is the largest and most comprehensive network of Web sites dedicated to those interested in wild birds. The network is anchored by the Web site, which forms the hub of over 100 sites, dedicated to various aspects of bird watching.
Enchanted Learning
Lots of great pages on birds (geared for children) can be found at Enchanted Learning. provides information on creating gardens or just learning about birds.
urban bird sounds
common urban birds with pictures and sounds. Songs are described by students.
all about birds
Fantastic resource of sounds, descriptions, and pictures
creating a field guide to your school
promoting getting youngsters outside and appreciating the diversity in their own backyards
Bird IQ
lots of information about birds and birding
visiting a bird aviary in Utah
good descriptions of birds found in this particular aviary
Pigeon Watch
any age children or adults can help in this research project by reporting colors of pigeons seen
hummingbird nest
live action continous filming of a hummingbird nest as well as archived moments


Sites About Bugs

butterfly gardens
plants to use to attract butterflies
Edible Bugs
bugs that can be eaten
butterflies for kids
site for younger children
exploring bugs
facts and jokes
simple facts and jokes but some jokes are for older children
all about insects
lots of simple explanations
bug theme crafts
Mega list of sites
so many resources!
bug activities
good information
original ideas with great photos
flash cards that you can print and much more
for all those questions little ones ask about bugs
lots of info explained simply as well as detailed anatomy...
insect fact sheets
for grades k-12
using live insects in elementary classrooms
Gives information on the life cycle and rearing instructions with plenty of lesson plans.
ladybug loss
information about how the native ladybugs are being lost, what to look for, and how kids can be involved...
insect lore
accurate life cycle models and live habitat set-ups


Recommended Water Web Sites

All the Water in the World
(PDF file, 84k)An introduction to ground water as a resource. Curriculum helps students recognize that there is a lot of water in the world, but not much of it can be used for drinking. Grades K-6.
Deep Subjects: Wells and Ground Water
(PDF file, 304k) A lesson on how ground water interacts with surface water. Grades 3-6.
Excuse Me, Is This the Way to the Drainpipe?
(PDF file, 200k)
A lesson explaining where drinking water comes from and where wastewater goes.
Grades K-6.
The Case of the Disappearing Water
(PDF file, 52k) a lesson on evaporation and the water cycle. Grades 4-6.
The Case of the Mysterious Renters
(PDF file, 71k) A unit on water conservation in the home. Grades 4-6.
Wetlands Reading List
This annotated list suggests informational materials on wetlands to supplement lesson plans and independent reading by students. The literature is sorted by grade level and summarized for quick reference.
Pollution Prevention (P2) Education Toolbox
lesson plans for water conservation
Water Science for Schools
Information on many aspects of water, along with pictures, data, maps, and an interactive center where you can give opinions and test your water knowledge.
Friends of the Rouge River
Promoting restoration and stewardship of the Rouge River ecosystem through education...
Macroinvertebrate Key
on line key to macro invertebrates
Fish of the Great Lakes
Profiles of Great Lakes fish
Pond Action
is a great site about ponds with lots of suggested activities
Wetlands Education
lots of great sites
virtual stream
practice on doing a stream inventory by the type of marcoinvertebrates found


Sites About Amphibians

Frog sounds
Lang Elliot's guide to frog sounds with pictures of common frogs and sounds they make
more frog sounds
from Manitoba, pictures of frogs with sounds they make
frogs for kids
Minnesota site on frogs with sounds, pictures, facts, and information on deformed frogs found in the wild and studies being done
All About Frogs
for kids and teachers, has about keeping frogs as pets, fables, coloring pages...
tadpole identification
Help for figuring out what tadpoles you are seeing and how long before they become adults
frog pond
Describes good environmnent for frogs as well as overcoming some problems.
How to be part of a frog watch
How to identify frogs in your area
about salamanders
good resources on salamanders
About newts and salamanders
Godd general info as well as how to keep a pet
Save The Frogs
wonderful site with current information on worldwide status and encouraging getting involved



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